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Vies Imaginaires

Barbier_Vies Imaginaire cover


George Barbier illustrates Vies Imaginaires by French symbolist writer Marcel Schwob with 14 exquisitely rendered full page plates in addition to 47 in-text vignettes and rubrications throughout. Features 47 luxuriously colored in-text vignettes, and culs de lampe.  Imaginary Lives includes tales of well-known figures like Lucretia, Captain Kid and Pocahontas, who are captured with spirit and dynamism in Barbier’s elaborate compositions. Classical imagery, carefully observed environments and humorous details add to the overall effectiveness of this collaborative masterpiece. Printed on Rives, illustrations are enhanced with gold and silver highlights. Engraved by Pierre Bouchet and printed by F. L. Schmied from Barbier’s original drawings. Includes a title page, menu and wine list, table of contents and justification page all beautifully illustrated. Illustrated half-title, title and justification. This particular example is numbered 10 of 120, a nominative copy for M. George Barbier. Particularly interesting is the page of signatures of the members of the society of “Le Livre Contemporain”, including the President, who signed this nominative copy for Barbier at the dinner, the menu of which is illustrated by Barbier and included in this example. This example also contains a suite en noir, and a suite en couleur.

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