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Tapis modernes cover

A rare 1926 album of 74 extraordinary Modern rug designs from the previous three years by such noted artists as Picasso, Marcoussis, Delaunay, Arp, Benedictus, Léger, Eileen Grey and others. The plates, produced after watercolors, were hand-colored by Jean Saudé. Plates are fresh with vibrant color.

After the International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts, held in Paris in 1925, home interiors started to adopt the clean lines and simplicity of Modern design. But as the editor of Tapis modernes points out, classic oriental rugs were the only option and they did not compliment the new Modern look. In this album of Cubist rug designs by many prominent artists such as Picasso and Sonia Delaunay, one can also see the influence of the Mid-East, China, African, and pre-Columbian art as well as the artists' own unique styles.

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