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Gerda Wegener & La Belle Parisienne

December 19, 2015 - January 30, 2016

A Danish artist who gained recognition in Paris for her art deco fantasies, Gerda Wegener had many artworks published in such magazines as Fantasio, Vogue, and La Vie Parisienne during her lifetime. One of the figures often featured in her paintings and illustrations was her husband, Einar Wegener, who later went on to become a transgender woman with the first publicly recorded gender-reassignment surgery as Lili Elbe. Although Gerda's fame died with her, the artist's works and life's story is now receiving acknowledgement and popularity once more. Opening alongside the biopic of the artist in The Danish Girl and the Arken Museum of Modern Art's retrospective on Gerda Wegener, Leonard Fox Ltd. is delighted to present their second exhibition of Gerda's artworks in Gerda Wegener & La Belle Parisienne.

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