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La Danse Macabre
by Pierre Orlan & Yan B. Dyl

We're getting in the Halloween spirit with a dive into La Danse Macabre this week! Published in 1927, Pierre Orlan’s twenty stages of fatalistic prose, which culminate in the “Dance of Death,” are accompanied by twenty equally dark illustrations by Yan B. Dyl. 

Orlan’s interest in the social landscape, the covert and the morbid are explored in this work of fantastic romanticism. The text describes the character Death as it integrates itself into all aspects of human life. Featuring themes such as gambling, prostitution, forbidden love, war, religion, drugs, medicine and murder. 

Having worked closely with cubist painter Robert Delauney, Yan B. Dyl's illustrations utilize strong lines with a bold palette of red, green, black and metallic silver and gold. His depictions of depraved women, faceless men and sinister skeletons commit the most atrocious of crimes.


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